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The Path to a Better Future.....

The ICCN just finished reading Pope Francis' latest book, Let Us Dream. So many quotes to ponder, great dialogue on the content and the opportunity to reflect on very relevant challenges for every person, especially newer members in religious life. Here are a few quotes to whet your appetite....

"Covid has unmasked the other pandemic, the virus of indifference, which is a result of constantly looking away, telling ourselves that because there is no immediate or magic solution, it is better not to feel anything."

"Such overflows of love happen, above all at the crossroads of life, at moments of openness, fragility, and humility, when the ocean of His love bursts the dams of our self-sufficiency, and so allows for a new imagination of the possible."

"A crisis forces you to move... I prefer the contrasting image of the pilgrim, who is one who decenters and so can transcend. She goes out from herself opens herself to a new horizon, and when she comes home she is no longer the same, and so her home won't be the same. This is a time for pilgrimages."

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