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Welcome Spring

by Katie Anders ~ Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

As we let go of winter and welcome spring a word that has surfaced many times in recent weeks is transformation. It has popped up in various articles and chapters, and it has been mentioned and discussed in classes and presentations. We are always in the process of being transformed, and the transition of the seasons, as well as the liturgical seasons of Lent and Easter bring this reality to the forefront of my consciousness.


We have had many experiences in recent weeks that provided opportunities to help us engage in the process of transformation. There have been lectures, readings, movies, field trips, conversations and times for quiet reflection and prayer that have invited us to deeper awareness, deeper listening, and a growing mindfulness of how we are being called to live religious life.


One of our more recent days of quiet reflection was centered around the theme of peace. We were invited to spend our day reflecting on how we experience peace or the lack of peace in our lives, and how each of us is called to bring peace into our world. Here is part of my reflection from that day:


A Prayer of Peace…


Creator of the Universe,

You are present in the movement of the stars,

in the wind blowing through the trees,

in the slow unfolding of the blossoms,

and in the receiving and giving

present in each breath.


Inhaling, I breathe in your Spirit of Love and Mercy.

Exhaling, I release gratitude and compassion into the world.

My heart beats with the goodness of Your love,

and it is in this space of freedom

that I know who I am.


I am the vessel that holds Your peace deep within,

and with every breath and every beat of my heart

I am called to pour that peace into the world.

The flow of peace begins with

peace in my thoughts,

peace in my words,

peace in my actions.

I must be peace.


Breathing in, breathing out,

with every beat of my heart,

You create me over and over again

to be peace.


My prayer for this Easter season is to remain aware of living these words and in the process weave the peace of the Risen Christ into my day-to-day encounters with all of God’s creation. This is how we transform the world – one breath at a time.

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