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It Was a Long Journey in Love

Updated: Apr 16

The impressions made in our minds by these forty days of meditation on Christ’s humiliations, docility, and uncomplaining perseverance will help us in every difficult time, and we will try to make Him the only return He demands of us by giving Him our whole heart. Celebrating the Holy Week and Easter in a new environment was a great experience.

On Holy Thursday, we went to the Art Institute of Chicago/Museum with specific images given to us by our directors to reflect on. I reflected on the Crucifixion paintings by Francisco de Zurbaran and Taddeo di Bartolo. Reflecting on these two crucifixions as a Novice of the Sisters of the Precious Blood reminded me of the Spirituality and Charism of my Congregation.  I was touched by the Precious Blood poured by our Lord Jesus on the cross to reconcile our fractured world. As it was a Holy Thursday, Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, l was grateful that He sacrificed Himself for me/us. In the evening, we went to Our Lady of Pompeii for the celebration of the transfer of the Eucharist. It was a wonderful service.

On Good Friday, we went to St. James for the Way of the Cross and to St. Thomas for the service and the Veneration of the Cross. It was so good because one of the women preachers gave the sermon. She reminded us that Good Friday is Good because Jesus died to save the world. That is the good news.

We were fortunate to go back to Our Lady of Pompeii for the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration starting with the fire in front of the church. And we processed into the church with our lighted candles as the Risen Christ became the light that we carried. In the church after the readings, we gathered around the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. It was such a sense of belonging and everybody was happy with the blessings received from the Risen Christ.

Easter Sunday, was a great Alleluia for us.

After Mass, we cooked different dishes since we invited some sisters from the Hyde Park neighborhood to Easter Lunch. We were fifteen people all together and it was such a joyful celebration. In the evening, we watched the movie “Simon Birch” with the Felician sisters. It was such a touching movie as some of us cried as we watched some of the scenes. Easter Monday found us at the Bahá’í Temple. Like Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, we were looking for Jesus among the flowers. A very quiet place for reflection. We spent some time there and returned home.

Jesus is risen from the dead, a mystery revealed to little ones. This mystery was made alive in our community days after we celebrated Easter in a grand style with our friends around us. Easter eggs were presented to our guests and each chose what she wanted. On the Second Sunday of Easter, one egg returned to us with the Bible quotation from Romans 8:34. For me, this is the real mystery of Easter.

Indeed, it was such a long journey, a journey worth taking from Holy Thursday to Easter. Thank you, God, for allowing us to journey with our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank all those who came over to join us in this joyous celebration. May the Risen Lord bless us all.   


Sister Pauline Siesegh

Sisters of the Precious Blood

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