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God Holds All the Pieces

I came from a family with 2 older siblings. As children, we used to play some board games, but we never played with puzzles when we were small.

When I entered my religious community, I started to see sisters building puzzles together. I am not fond of puzzles because I would feel dizzy by just looking at the pieces.

Last week I was invited to help build a 1000pcs puzzle with some of the other sisters, but I was telling the sisters “Nah, it will take me until eternal life to finish this puzzle.”

Yesterday, one of the sisters who was very dedicated at building this puzzle, let me put in the last 2 pieces to complete the puzzle. She even recorded the moment when I was putting these last 2 pieces into the puzzle! I was so touched by this special gesture of her kindness and love. I felt so much joy inside of myself, and I knew that this joy was not just because I completed my first-ever puzzle.

As I reflected on this experience a little later, it occurred to me that this sister worked so hard and was able to complete the puzzle by herself, but she chose to let me participate in this moment of glory in completing the puzzle. I realized that when we choose to encourage and build others up before ourselves, we are really spreading God’s Kingdom and living a bit of heaven on earth. My joy continued throughout the whole day.

Today when I thought about placing those last 2 pieces, I prayed and God gave me this inspiration: My salvation plan is like a jigsaw puzzle, you are all the pieces which are unique, and you need each other to make the whole.

I continue to be touched. God can complete the puzzle by Himself, but He has chosen to let me participate!

Sr. Maisie Ng

Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

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