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Friends Are a Treasure

By Sister Maribah Ishaq ~ Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross

It was my first Easter in the United States. My first experience celebrating Easter without family, but with a new family and so many friends. I found that everywhere around the world we all celebrate the same rituals. No matter where we are we all are together in Christ.

Celebrating Easter with friends was a joyous occasion that brought us all together to enjoy the traditions and festivities. That was when we shared laughter and good food and created lasting memories. We had an Easter Monday Dinner with foods from various traditions and a fun-filled gathering, spending time with friends which added an extra layer of happiness and warmth to the occasion. This was when I reflected on Easter's meaning and appreciated the beauty of the togetherness of our company. The joy of celebrating Easter with friends is something that stays with me for the rest of my life. I didn’t feel that I am away from my family or home. My relationship with my friends here is so precious to me. It was such a wonderful surprise that I received from the ICCN and ICN friends. It was a surprise that we all came together and became part of each other’s happiness. I was reflecting on the day of celebration and I wrote a poem for my friends that I would like to share with you all.

Friends are like flowers in a garden so fair, their beauty and fragrance are beyond compare.

Their presence in life is a true delight, A source of happiness, and a guiding light.

Friends are the ones who stand by your side, in times of joy, and when tears you have cried.

They share your laughter and soothe your pain, and Their loyalty will remain forever.

Friends are the ones who make life worth living, their love and support is always giving. With them by your side, you can conquer all, their presence in your life, you can't afford to stall.

Friends are the ones who know you so well, they understand your heart and can always tell. Their kindness and warmth fill your soul, their friendship is a treasure, worth more than gold.

So, cherish your friends, hold them close and tight, For they are the ones who make everything right. With them by your side, life is never dull, Friends are a gift, a blessing, a wonderful haul.

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